Undeniably the most important part of the process. We meet up for a coffee and a chat (we, being Stacey the designer and you the bride of course!) In this consultation we discuss your dreams, theme, and preferences, you get to see some lace samples just to get your imagination going! This consultation is so important to help us get to know each other well – at Something New Bridal, we only take on a handful of brides a month, so you will never be just a number or a name.

Once you have approved your sketch and quote we will do your mock up. This is quite daunting for most brides as it is a rough ‘shell’ of what your dress is going to be. The mock up is super important to help us mold the dress to your body, and to help give you an idea of the shape and style of your dream dress.

The next time you return to our little studio, your dress will be 70% complete, with the base of the dress made and all your lace pinned in position, this is a very exciting fitting as it is the first real look at your beautiful dress! This is the opportunity for the you, as the bride to make changes to the lace positioning. 

Each dress is unique and because of this will have its own production timeline, however, you can expect three to four fittings before your final fitting (which is usually ten days before your big day).

This is a once in a lifetime experience for you – collecting the dress of your dreams is a moment to remember forever and because of this you will be gifted with a one of a kind Armani Satin robe with your precious lace hand stitched onto the robe. This is a lovely keepsake to remind you of your beautiful dress forever.

Your wedding dress will be steamed and carefully packaged in a high quality dress bag to prevent any creasing for your big day.

All that’s left for you to do is to relax and enjoy your special day!!!