A Little Something About Us

It is super important to really know who will be making your dress (why we love consults over coffee) but in the meantime, here is a little something about us… 


We are a small scale, high attention to detail bridal house. We are seriously passionate about making this a special experience for you. In most cases, a girl has given a lot of thought to her dress for much of her life. This is a really big deal and has to be treated that way! That means everything from the overall look and feel to the placement of every last little lace leaf. 


We started Something New with the intention of filling a little gap for brides that are looking for something unique – something that portrays their personality. We combine this with a fully personalised experience from start to finish. 


When referring to ‘We’ we’re talking about the following: myself, Stacey- Lee Cairns, the designer – I have a BA in Fashion Design and fell hopelessly in love with all things lace at university and have not stopped since! I am supported by my momager, Tanya, she is the golden thread with all aspects (as most moms are).  We work with in-house seamstresses with years of experience and friendly smiles in the studio!


If you feel like this may be the experience you’re looking for, please do get in touch!